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Mediumship Training Level 1

Basic training in mediumship

Open up your heart, mind and soul to your Divine purpose and ignite your mediumship gift. 

Are you ready to step into your MEDIUMSHIP YOU?

Do you feel the calling of Spirit to work in the Light to help and support the community?

Do you wish to strengthen your connection to the Divine and your support systems in Spirit?

Do you wish to become a professional working as a medium or Spirit healer?

I have worked in the community for more than 30 years as a healer, channel and medium, helping individuals and groups make the connection and get answers, healing, relief and feel the love that is there deep in the loving vibration of Spirit.

This is a 10-week course designed to give you what you need to get started in your path as a practicing medium.

Some of the things you will learn and work on in our 10 weeks together

  • My 8 keys to a daily practice for establishing and maintaining a connection to Spirit

  • My Spirit Talk method of connecting and engaging with Spirit for clarity and real insights and answers

  • How to connect daily to bring support in your life each day

  • How to establish intent and purpose when connecting 

  • Make your connection easily and how to release safely and fully from Spirit

  • History and education on mediumship and spiritualism

  • How to give messages with clarity 

  • Meet all your guides and deepen your connection to support the work

  • Learn the keys to connecting with other guides and masters in Spirit

  • Learn my techniques and tools for connecting and reading groups

  • How to work as a practicing professional medium or light worker

The course includes:

  • Weekly video classes

  • Weekly mediumship course call

  • Additional video workshops and support tools (more than 30 additional videos!)

  • Office hours: weekly conference call for Q&A and support with me

  • Weekly meditation assignments

  • Workbook with assignments and activities

  • History and education module to help create you as an expert in the field

  • Call to action assignments

  • Activities of practice, giving you hands-on application of your skills training


>> 2 (30 minute) 1:1 sessions with me (one at the start and another in the middle of the course) to give you feedback and guidance in your journey.

>> Establish your voice as a medium.  A course that will help you create your voice and brand as a practicing medium

Why take the Connect to Spirit  Mediumship Course

I have found that mastering any skill is enhanced when working with a mentor who has done the work, made the mistakes and resolved issues.  I've taken my real-life experience from the more than 30 years of practicing as a medium, channel, and intuitive practitioner.  

In this course you will learn, practice, engage with other students, do real lab hours for practice and evaluation and get real feedback and support from me.

You will learn the techniques I use to connect, receive information and deliver readings with love and heart.

You will also get the basics of doing real business in this social media computer age.  And how to stand in your brand and voice.

You will have access to the course materials for life!  This includes any changes and additions made as the course evolves through time!

Open the window into Spirit and gain access to more than just a professional opportunity.  Gain a stronger connection to Spirit that will lift your vibration and change your life.  

Connecting to Spirit can change the joy conversation in your life and create for you a space where you accept that anything is possible if you truly wish it.  

You will be invited to be a stuart of the Divine Message here on Earth and will have a hand in the wave of positivity that is rising over the horizon.

It's my intent to create a simple and fun experience that will give support through your journey to your mediumship life.  Just know that being called to serve the Divine Light in this work is a true gift.  It would be my pleasure to help guide you through your journey.  

I will be with you from start to finish to help you Connect to Spirit.

                        ~ With much love, Angel


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