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Set Your Soul on FIRE!

Connect to your PURPOSE and access your heart's deep desire in business, career and life!

ACTIVATE your SOUL PATH and IGNITE your life's dreams!

Life Motivator | Business & Leadership Coach | Joy Ambassador

"Manifestation Magic is within you. 

Dream big, act big and you will create magic."

"You can not go back in time to change anything. 

Yet, you can go forward into the future and change everything!"

~ Angel Thacker

Are You Ready to set your SOUL on FIRE?

Live a life where you...

End the struggle with blocks and distractions that keep you from living the life of your dreams.  Let go of the anger, disappointments, and frustrations. 

Release conflict, distraction, judgment, and stress.  



I'm Angel!

I am an Empowering Intuitive Life Coach, Creative & Effective Business Coach, Mentor, Inspiring Speaker, Teacher, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Proud Mother & Adored Wife.
After losing everything in the 2008 market crash I created my Manifest WOW process and made incredible changes in my life and many clients I have worked with. It's become my passion to help people live a life of extreme joy purpose! 
There's lots of information here.  So hang out for a bit, enjoy what I have to share. Thank you for visiting me, tap me if you need anything.  I Love you!

Join me and let's ignite your purpose and your BIG DREAM

When your SOUL is on FIRE you can accomplish anything!

How would it feel to have a deep passion for life every day?

To have your dreams available for you to grasp with ease.

To be in a deep loving and loving relationship that satisfies you.

To have a real and rewarding relationship with your family

To be in a job, career or business that gives you joy and satisfaction.


You know, to be able to look at your life and just say WOW! 

How we can Create an Extraordinary Life for you!

Discover your life purpose and ignite your life 1:1 with Soul Path Coaching with Angel!

Release blocks, distractions and stories that have held you back.  Be certain in your career and on FIRE in your business

Help create a world of JOYFUL PURPOSE & PROSPERITY by igniting your soul business as a Soul Path Coach™

*  My WOW Money Launch workshop. 

Learn how I generated more than $60,000 in 10 days with a system that changed the way I do business! 

*  My 21-Day Joy Challenge

*  My Connect to Prayer Method.  The foundations to the FLOW

*  My Love Yourself Tool.  From my Manifest Big Love Program

Get access today and get started on your SOUL PATH!


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Shift your life and access endless possbilities!

Love your life by building a business doing what you love.

I learned to master technologies and platforms to create business solutions for my business that made it possible for me to blow my business up!

It isn't hard work, because it is joyous work!  It is work though!  #lovingwhatido

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My Mission

Help you create a heart-based process where your passions drive your business and you are able to connect to your ideal client who values your services and is able and willing to pay for it!

This will give you the FREEDOM to live your life on your TERMS!


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

With more clients and revenue than you know what to do with.

Do you want to live your life on your terms every day?

Being able to do what you want... when you want...

Making your business that Big Dream business you hear others talking about...

How about taking that leap of faith!



This seminar is FREE and will show you how to easily boost your process and program or revamp your current plan to build more profit, more satisfaction and more time to enjoy your LIFE. Reserve your spot for the next seminar today.  

Creating a life of riches - Body, Mind, and Spirit 

It's all mindset, focus, and action - nothing new right?

I am all business when it comes to generating business and want to create that space for you.  I became a coach for practitioners out of my passion for helping others create the life of their dreams. 


I have mastered creating 6 figure launches for myself and other coaches and practitioners.

#mindset #getintoaction  #ignitewow

In the world I live in anything is possible!

The dreamers that chose to reach for the impossible manifest like crazy!

In the world of WOW we focus on creating more today than we had yesterday...

In ALL areas of our lives!

Activating magical manifestation...

Being in complete focus...

Generating real action...

Creating real revenues and building our crazy big dreams each day!

#crazyaction  #crazydreams