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Joyful Soul Path Transformation 

Access soul healing through Divine connectivity and activate your Soul Path.  Be empowered and passionate about life!


Transformation is defined as:

a through or dramatic change in form or appearance

Sometimes our lives need more than just a reading to answer questions.  Sometimes we need a boost of spirit and some focused attention to clear and recharge our space.  Regain your focus and set down on your life purpose path.  It is my PASSION to help people find their life purpose, step onto a path a greater abundance in happiness, joy, love, and prosperity.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you ready to heal your system, strengthen your focus, embrace your universal worth, ignite your Soul Purpose and step onto your Soul Path?

The Joyful Soul Transformation Mastery program is a 1:1 deep soul transformation program focused on mastering your life and igniting your

Divine Soul Purpose

Do you feel tired of working through the same struggles over and over again?

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back?

Are you ready to let go of and release the past?

Do you need negativity to go away in your life?

Do you have a vision or a dream that you have not been able to grasp?

Are you ready to step into your purpose?

What would it look like if...

You were able to manifest all your heart's desire with ease of effort and with complete satisfaction

Were able to create your life in a purpose-focused lifestyle that gives you all your spiritual, heart, soul and passion needs


Your Soul Path Love is manifested and experienced in your life each day

This is the reality you can live when you take on true Soul Transformation

I can help create transformation in your life!

Angel 1.jpg

I am Angel, I'm a Channel, Medium, Angelic Healer, Soul Purpose & Life Coach and I’m here to help you connect to the Divine, ignite your SOUL PURPOSE and generate TRUE ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. 

I have worked as a lightworker and healer for more than 25 years and I understand the struggles we each face on the road to transformation.  I am MORE than aware of what you face.  

I am here to help you bring balance and healing to your soul so that you can manifest with focus.

I want to help you break the bonds of the blocks, chaos, negative chords and shadow chatter that stand in your way.  All so that you can create a harmonious and joyous life.

I want to help you BREAKTHROUGH and create a life that is on your SOUL PATH and deep in your SOUL PURPOSE

What is the process?

The Soul Transformation Program will take you through coaching, healing, content and, support.  In the program, you will have access to me as a resource, support system and tool for transformation.  Through...


Each month you will have a one-hour session to receive messages from Spirit to answer questions, bring clarity or give direction.

Clearing and cleansing. 

We will clear and cleanse your systems to lighten and raise your energy.

Release and detach. 

Bonds and chords from the past and present that are no longer needed or working against you, are found, removed and healed.

Heal your systems. 

Healing is one of the most important areas.  Healing so that you can truly move forward in a healthy a loving space.

Reset your acceptance and expectations. 

Change what you truly accept is possible for YOU

Drown your system in Divine love and worthiness. 

Find and surround yourself with love.



Get clear and certain focus on what you truly want in this life.

Clear intention. 

Set a clear map to that which you desire in life



Set and take action each day of your life.

What will we do together?

Everyone's journey is different.  After understanding what your challenges and issues are you will be given solutions that will include as many or all of the processes I work with to resolve, repair and build your soul systems. We will:

Release you from the bonds of toxic relationships

Build your confidence and self-worth

Release chords to individuals, places, and experiences

Resolve and release past life lessons

Tap into your true purpose to help you 

Heal your energies and space

Clear negativity from your energies

Call in the masters to stand with you in life

Set intent and make your plans for business and life

The Soul Transformation Program

I will work together 1:1 and in 6 months you will complete my signature Sunflower Temple method and discover your Divine purpose and navigate to your Soul Path.

Filter and reset the soil and set up your soul for regrowth!

My signature Sunflower Temple Method™ for Transformation

Wilt & Regrowth

Hands in the Soil


Release & Reset

Seedling & Shoot

New Growth


Discovery & Mapping

Bud & Blossom


Ignition & Activation

Inspired by the lifecycle of the sunflower, which is the foundation of the Soul Journey™ process, the Sunflower Temple Method™ will create true breakthroughs that will generate results for you in your life and business.  Connecting you to your Soul Purpose and placing you firmly on your Soul Path.

We will work to...

Identify and Heal the energies and elements that have blocked you in creating your life dreams

Balance and allign your energy systems, releasing negative shadow chatter and disrupters

Plug into the Divine Source and Archangel Love for loving Healing, System Energy Charge-Up and Forgiving Release

Reset and Prepare your soul for to be RE-PROGRAMMED to accept love, positivity and powerful growth


Connect to and accept the Divine design for your true happiness

Discover your Divine Soul Purpose and design the map to your Soul Path

The six month program..

Phase 1 (months 1 & 2) Soul Release & Reset

In the first phase will include Soul Levels Healing Sessions, Health System Activation, Soul Journey Coaching Sessions and journaling prompts email support. 

Our goal to...

Wilt & Regrowth

Hands in the Soil


Release & Reset

Release and heal your soul on all levels - body, mind and spirit.

Release and recover from fear, distraction and anxiety

Let go of the connection to the ideals and stories that have created blocks and shadow talk in your past


Begin deep healing of the health system to give you physical balance and powerful system ignition


Relieve lack of confidence and low self esteem to discover and accept your true Soul Value 

Clear, recharge and balance your chakras, soul core and connection to the Divine Source

Release negativity and limiting beliefs and stories that have interred with your ability to manifest love, money, harmony and joy in your life

Raise your Joy Vibration and connect your Soul and Heart Purpose

Phase 2 (months 3 & 4) Soul Discovery & Mapping

The second phase will include Past Life Sessions, Soul Chord & Attachment Release, Akashic Records Sessions, Health System Activation Sessions, Soul Journey Coaching Sessionsjournaling prompts and email support. 

Our goal to...

Seedling & Shoot

New Growth


Discovery & Mapping

Discover and draw out your Soul Purpose Map.

Connect to your Past Lives.  Using the Forgiveness Factor to release attachments to debts, lessons and pains from the past

Connect to your soul gifts and desires

Continue deep healing of the health system to give you physical balance and powerful system ignition

Re-program your system with strong positive affirmations of Divine acceptance of your worth

Let go of the connection to the ideals and stories that have created blocks and shadow talk in your past

Create real and powerful focus and intent on a Soul Level

Re-allign your system to accept your worthiness of all that is possible for you and the value you bring to the universe

Release negativity and limiting beliefs and stories that have interred with your ability to manifest love, money, harmony and joy in your life

Raise your Joy Vibration and connect your Soul and Heart Purpose

Phase 3 (months 5 & 6) Soul Ignition & Activation

The third phase will include Past Life Sessions, Akashic Records Sessions Soul Path Activation, Soul Journey Coaching Sessionsjournaling prompts and email support. 

Our goal to...

Bud & Blossom


Ignition & Activation

Master your full system, embracing healing and activation in all your systems

Connect to the Divine and Masters for purpose-focused guidance, support, and deep soul healing

Connect to the Divine Sunflower Temple to access and accept your Divine Soul Purpose

Activate the new refreshed Soul Sprout that is YOU

Become accepting and empowered in your true Divine Purpose

Map out your life's Soul Path, the plans for your; love, profession, residence, and more!

Learn tools and techniques to maintain your high vibration lifestyle

- OR -

For Your Soul Business

Phase 3 (months 5 & 6) Soul Business Activation

The third phase will include Soul Business Blueprint Course, Soul Journey Sessions, Akashic Records Sessions, Soul Path Business Sessions, journaling prompts and email support. 

Our goal to...

Bud & Blossom


Business Activation

Acceptance activation.  Accepting what you're worthy of and what's possible

Deep dive to create your brand, vision, and purpose

Development of your signature process, build out the foundations of your business

Find your voice and message.  Develop the platforms for communications

Establish and ignite your Money & Sucess Mindset.

Set your Business Intent and Mindset

Learn real tools and processes to generate and support your online business with a focus on capturing a worldwide audience

Learn to be the solution through your services and products

Identify your ideal client and create your messaging to create relatable content and solutions

Learn to build your client base with modern and relevant techniques and tools

Included in this program...

~ Mind mapping and goal setting session to help us set our intention in the work together


~ Soul Levels and Soul Path healing and coaching sessions

~ Soul Path Courses and Master Workshops

videos, audio, and workbooks that are produced and added to the Sunflower Temple coursework

~ Akashic Records and Past Life sessions to help release the past, clear the present and set down a clear path to your future in purpose

~ For the business client; Access to my Soul Business Blueprint Course

Learn to launch, market your business in the new age including social media and course content creation

~ Email support, journaling assignments, and other activities
When we are not in a session together you will have actions and activities to focus on your transformation

~ Support, healing and guidance from the Divine and Archangel energies.
You will be constantly supported and held in the Sunflower temple where the Divine Source and the Archangels will have you protected, supported and in a constant space of healing through your program


All Soul Transformation Clients will receive the below bonus content with their already full transformation programming!

My Manifest WOW Course

This course includes tools to release blocks, shadow talk and mindset obstacles to help you to create real WOW

Joy Vibration Positivity Clearing
A special blessing and clearing designed to clear and balance your space to support your path to transformation

Crystal Activation
A 1:1 session to bring the energies of power crystals into your system to bring balance, focus and infuse power into the transformation process

Soul Relationships Reading
This reading will help you focus on the relationships in your current space.  Designed to help you create your Soul Map with an understanding of your allies and support systems

It takes commitment to change your life and transforming your soul.  

This is indeed real work and for the person who wants to move their lives forward.  This is for the individual who wants to make real change and reach that real transformation in their life.  

Not sure this is for you?

Ready to start?



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6 Monthly Payments