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Student Program Packages

Platinum VIP Student

Description & Curriculum
$32,933 Value

A 12-month program designed to take your business & life to the next level.  High-level training, course work, and activities that will focus on developing your business sense & acumen.  And 1:1 mentoring with Angel that will drive you through each milestone and obstacle.  This program includes Angel's signature learning programs that will help shape you into a six to seven figure entrepreneur and a seat a the table at both retreats.  


The Platinum VIP student is a person who wants to change their path from struggle to WOW.      

Package Content:

Full WOW Coach Angel™ Courses & Programs

A seat at WOW Business Mastery Retreat & Girl Power IGNITE! Retreats

12-Month Mentoring Package

Any courses and programs developed during your program

Special VIP access at any non-program events




Advanced Placement Student Program

Description & Curriculum
$17,209 Value

A 4-month program with courses, activities, and programs that focus on areas of importance and trends that are affecting business today.  From social media wow to marketing that builds excitement and experience around your business.  The content of this program is for the entrepreneur that needs an extra boost of energy and now thinking that includes a place at the concept to launch business retreat.

The Advanced Placement Student is a must do for the entrepreneur who is relaunching or wanting to take their business to the next level

Package Content:

Advanced Placement On Demand & Self Paced Course Series (9 courses)

A seat at WOW Business Mastery Retreat: Concept to Launch

Be the Solution

Purposeful Programs

Powerhouse Online Presence

Experiential Marketing Workshop

Building on a Global Platform Workshop

Access to monthly & weekly calls

4-Month Mentoring Package

Business Network – 4 months


$4,200 Down



Business Basics Program

Description & Curriculum
$7,227 Value

A 2-month program covering business basics that will help you gain focus and real business acumen.  The learning and activities are designed to give you strong skills to support your business from start, growth and sustain.  

The Business Basics Student is the entrepreneur that has a deep passion for a business concept but may not have strong business knowledge. 


You don't have to have an MBA to build a thriving business!!

Business Basics On Demand & Self Paced Course Series (7 courses)

Business Planning Workshop

Get Your Brand! Branding Workshop

Social Media Workshop

Experiential Marketing Workshop

Business Network – 2 months

This is a must do for the entrepreneur who is getting started, relaunching or wanting to take their business to the next level