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Hello and WELCOME!

I am so glad you have found me here and thrilled to bring you this content!  Before you read on I want to let you know that this is a real course for real individuals who wish to create real revenue from their product or program launch!

You will work with me 1:1, in a group, through webinars and more! 

My full focus to bring you tools and processes to launch like a superstar!



This is 5 months of personal and intense work to blow up your business NOW!

I will personally take you through 3 stages of a launch and will give you access for a BIG launch, smaller launches or even a re-launch...  You will be able to create and generate by the time we are finished with each other!


You will work with me for 5 months to create a launch that will focus you on creating a launch (or launches!) that will give you real results.  We will create together!  You will learn to generate leads, get clients on-demand and generate real business that will help you bring in the cash to take you truly to a WOW space with your business!


I keep saying real because this is not a fluff course.  This is a course with real business learning and practical application that will make a difference in how you do business.  

I have a few questions for you...

Are you always struggling to make a consistent return on your business each month?

Are you constantly giving away free samples of your services with little acceptance of your value?

Are you getting tired of the hustle?  

Are you tired of just making the bills?  

And do you want to get back to sleep?  Not having to work all hours grabbing clients, making appointments and working... .all night?

I've been there!  I've been a working practitioner who has struggled with building then maintaining a client base of paying customers that I could help while keeping my personal bills paid.  And its not just about paying bills!  It's about creating a lifestyle that makes us joyous in all areas of our lives.  Right?

I believe we can do anything we set out to do...  There are no limitations to the possibilities when we put our minds to a task.  This is a fact!  We just need to be in the right place - Body, Mind, and Spirit!  It's all about - Mindset, Intent and Focus!

It's not as simple as saying we can, it's about making it happen.  And it's not an easy thing to do.  And it is VERY frustrating.  I don't want you to be frustrated anymore!  And I don't want you to create a temporary solution.  You need cash to live and build your business.  And you need consistent cash flow long term, not just temporary shots here and there.

Let's make a shift in your business together!  Are you ready?  Then welcome to Launch Like a Superstar!


This program is my most important program to date! 


I created it for the practitioner/coach/business owner that wish to take their business to the next level and create their ROCK STAR LIFE!

We are going to have 5 life-shifting months together!  We'll cover

** How to make your business and experience that will cause impact your client's lives

** Create clients through on-demand automation

** Learn upselling and tag on techniques to build programs vs. sessions

** Create a process flow that will be easy to operate and maintain

** Give you FREE+DOM.  FREE your energy so that you can DOMINATE your lifestyle!


** Develop automated products to generate leads so that you can connect to your IDEAL client... everyday!

Why did I create this program?

I created this to be the solution for practitioners and entrepreneurs who are struggling with building their dream business in the modern techie social media age.  It's tough sometimes!

I believe that the keys to real manifestation are: FOCUS, INTENT, MINDSET & ACTION, which all equals FREEDOM!

Getting you truly focused... setting clear intent...igniting high-level mindset... and igniting action you will learn to generate cash clients that will bring you freedom!

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

What I'll be taking you through in our 5 months together

Some of the things you will learn:

+ The basics of marketing 

+ Marketing online and using social media

+ How to's for developing and using webinars to feed your business

+ Building relevant content that will change how you're visible and how to leverage your visibility for your business

+ Lead and funnel management that will IGNITE your business

+ Understand key concepts to get warm and hot leads through meaningly free content

+ Building your brand and products to support and accent your brand

+ How to maximize your online presence.  Including a review and feedback on your website and social media

+ A review of some of the best techie tools and solutions for your business

+ How to connect and give sales conversations that will generate clients

+ To accept your value to change your mindset to collect what your programs are truly worth.  

Some of the content you will receive:

// 20+ webinars and video 

// 7 1:1 sessions with me.  Personal and customized to where you are in your process

// My Branding Breakthrough Course

// Product building seminar

// Product building follow-up

// Written manuals and exercises to work through

// Templates and examples to work through

// Monthly Brand WOW calls

The intent of our work together

~ Create your lead generating webinar

~ Create your WOW products or programs

~ Simplify your business to maximize your profit

~ Create and integrate a REAL sales process that will generate!

~ Create a community of followers, clients and potential clients that follow, engage, recommend and buy

And I will work with you personally as you build, create or recreate your business. 

Through 1:1 coaching, feedback sessions, calls and training sessions.  



Dream Bonus 1!

Brand to Book


 An introduction to my 6 point program to take your branded programming into press!  This program includes access to my creative team that will help you with covers, titles, bios, and graphics.

Dream Bonus 2!

Social Media Ad Hack!


I bring you my keys to using social media add campaigns, how-to and the most effective methods.  You will also have access to the team of players I work with that will help with designing effective ads for you.

WOW!  These are some awesome bonuses for you to create a most amazing launch!

You need a team and can't think of a better time than now to get your team growing!  I want you to be able to create and launch without obstacles!  Pay in full and get these Dream Bonuses!


***Keep in mind, although I will bring you affordable solutions, fees for these resources are separate from the course.


It's time to get started!

You will have access to the course materials and to me the moment you sign up!

Register and access the course now. 

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6 payments of $697

Total payment = $3,485

Full course access

Certification of completion upon the course and payment plan completion. 

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Save $488 when paying in full!

Full course access

Certification of completion upon the course completion. 

DREAM Bonuses!

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