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Live A Life On Purpose

Be In-JOY, Manifest Your Life Passion

Transformational Healing Sessions

Hello and welcome joyful soul!

Loving greetings.  My name is Angel and I'm here to help you connect deep into your intuitive system, connect to your soul destiny, find your purpose and achieve your life dreams.  Help you find the path to your soul journey to create manifestation magic within you.  


I'm a Channel, Medium, Angelic Healer, Soul Purpose & Life Coach. I have worked for more than 25 years as a practitioner, teacher, and mentor, helping people see their way past blocks, chaos, and issues to find their way to peace, joy, and purpose.  I am here to help you, deep-dive, to your true life's SOUL PURPOSE, ignite your intuition and begin your journey in the life that is your SOUL'S TRUE DESTINY

I have found that the fears, naysayers, and struggles from our past can keep us from finding and reaching for creating a truly fulfilling life of today and the future.  By healing your soul levels, balancing your systems and focusing on the FIX you open the door to pushing yourself through to your life's Soul Path.

Check out my intuitive  services

Let me help you focus, get clarity, and release.

Joyful Soul Transformation

What does it mean to transform the soul?

The create the evolution to the next level of life for you.  Letting go of the pains, hardships, blocks and hurdles that may be hiundering our progress so that we can create that life of joy and manifestation.  

This journey will include Healing the soul on 7 levels and releasing blocks and hurdles that have obstructed our lives.

When transformed, like the monarch, we are free to experience our ultimate power and achieve what's possible and fly.

Our Work Together

For those who chose to take on a soul transformation we will .........

Revive Your Soul..

Heal the soul on 7 levels 

Take on 7 levels of our soul existance, heal and release.  Let go of that which has stood in our way and caused us stops and blocks.

Balance the primary centers

Connecting to angelic support and healing we bring our primary soul centers into allignment.  


Connecting to angelic support and healing we bring our primary soul centers into allignment.  

Build connection and trust

Open our connection to the source and build a connection and trust in the Divine to support your process.

Empower Your Being

On your soul transformation journey ......

There are real benefits to taking on the transformation of your soul... your life.  You're empowered.  You are able to manifest and create in all areas of your life... Properity, Health, Loving Relationship and Joy.  Connect to Your Soul's: 


Voice, Sensuality, Creativity, True Worth and Joy

Ignite Your Life!

Close the shadow realms

Turn off the chatter from the shadow realms around and with you.

Heal and release past life

Close the bounded lessons, release the chords and engage forgiveness to release the bonds from your soul's past.

Accept and embrace your worthiness

Become absolute in your acceptance of your worthiness of happiness, sucess and abunandance.

Discover your Soul Purpose 

Dive in and get the clear connection to your Soul Purpose so that today and tomorrow you will be in your path of purpose.

Tools for Transformation...

These are the tools I use that create the real transformation results

Akashic Record Reading

Soul Level Healing

Chaos Energy Clearing & Blessing

Chord and Energy Release & Removal

Soul Path Coaching through JOY

Business & Leadership Coaching

Courses and Teachings fom the Masters

Angelic Healing & System Allignment

Aromatherapy & Sacred Herb Activation

Sound Activation Healing

Past Life Regression

Are you ready to transform?

To connect to your Soul Purpose and Divine Path?


Here are ways you can get started...

Soul Levels Healing Session

Soul Levels Healing Session. 

A powerful 1:1 session that will heal and clear specific or all levels of your soul.  A powerful session that will heal, clear and create breakthroughs.

Flower Love Activation

Flower Love Activation

Sacred and loving healing connecting through the angels, earth and powerful flower energies.  Concentrating on opening up and healing the heart to send and recieve love.

Health System Activation

Health System Activation

Heal your being.  Focus on healing and balancing your soul health system. Includes health assessment, access to herbal, aromatherapy, and cleaning support.  Be in FULL SOUL HEALTH when stepping onto your soul path.


Transform Your Soul Business!

I have been a practitioner in the community for almost 30 years. 


Creating and maintaining a properous and satifying business doing it the old fashioned way ~ learning from experience and mistakes.  There is more to creating a soul business than having a desire, cearing a website and hitting "GO".  You have to be able to build, sustain and grow in the new global community.

Learn how to...

Create courses

Use the internet to increase your client base

Build programming and offerings

Generate consistently

Create a signature program to set you apart

If you are a lightworker, creative entrepreneur or practitioner..I am here to help you!  With real tools, 1:1 coaching & mentoring, real business learning and more!    I wil help you build a business that generates revenue and will help you live a joyous and satisfying life.

Get Transformational Results in Your Life!

I am here to help you get results, clear the path and set yourself firm on your your clear path of purpose.  I will help you ....

 >>Ignite your intutitive gifts and become more confident and powerful in your life.

>> Become a Dream Manifestor!  Brining your dreams to life through igniting your destiny.

>> Release blocks and interupts and let go of the past pains and disappointments that keep you stuck in yur life.

>> Become a focused, empowered and purpose driven light worker and practitioner.  Building a thriving business and abundant life.

Conquer fears, release blocks, end the stories that have defined what you can not do.  Work with me 1:1 and make your life BREAKTHROUGH!

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Are you ready to move faster onto your Path of Purpose?

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