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Soul Circle

What are you looking for in your life?

Are you looking for inspiration or connection?

Are you looking for support or clarity?

Do you wish to know you are not alone in the frustration in your life?

Are you looking for clarity and confirmation for that which you’re working towards?

I invite you to become a member of my Soul Circle.

You know, you are no different from the rest of us if you feel any of the questions above.  So many of us feel the same way every day.  Whether you are looking for answers to your life’s questions, connect to past life experiences or connect to a lost loved one, you are like to rest of us.

I have worked hard to help my clients understand that there is no end to life, death is an existence that is part of our evolution of spirit.  It can be healing and powerful to connect to and receive messages from spirit.  It can be even more powerful to make this connection in your daily life.    But how can we do this?  For we all don’t know how to (maybe even don’t want to!) make the connection.  It can be frustrating!

We all have access to the Divine and the energies that occupy the fields we exist in.   I have a mission statement:


It is my PASSION to connect with all my clients with loving and sincere warmth.  To bring truth and enlightenment to each person I connect with.   Delivering loving and supportive services that will inspire each person to fulfill their life's dreams and achieve abundance in prosperity, health, and happiness. 

Over the years I have discovered that I enjoy bringing my clients to a place where they can connect to their tools and work through their life’s challenges independently wherever possible.  I work through my own tools and connections to get through my personal life, I would love to be the guide that helps you learn the same.  It is a powerful space to live in!

Soul Circle benefits.

Members of the Soul Circle are a part of a powerful and empowering place where I will share with you: support, inspiration, insights, tools and a safe place to start or continue your spiritual journey. Members have monthly access to:

  • Soul Circle Session.  Monthly online mediumship circle.  Each month I will host a mediumship circle 

  • Soul Talisman.  A special message to add to your tool kit.  The monthly message is a channeled message from the masters that are designed to give you your monthly focus, support, hope and guidance through the month

  • Meditation or Lecture.  Each month members will receive exclusive meditations or lecture to help them through the month’s focus and support.  These meditations are designed to support your work on releasing your blockers and stoppers.  They will also support your work to deepen your connection to spirit and development of your gifts. 

  • Weekly emails.  Inspiration, love, support and a touch of spirit.  each week I send out a message to my Soul Circle to help inspire and guide you in your daily life.  A focus for the week and inspiration to keep you on point!

  • Discount on services.  Soul Circle members receive a special 30% discount on ,y services and courses

  • Healing and prayer support.  Submitting your name and needs to be given healing not just from my energies but from the whole of the community.  It is a safe and supportive space and I bring my loving community together to bring you that loving support you may need. 

The ring is private and is here to provide you with an empowering place to connect, grow, connect to your personal power and transform your life!

Next Mediumship Circles

Register in advance for any of the below circles, they fill up fast!  Soul Circle members register as part of their membership.  Please register in the membership portal.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

4pm PDT

Saturday, October 19, 2019

4pm PDT

Saturday, September 21, 2019

4pm PDT