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Workshops & Classes

Program delivery

Month 1 - Creating a safe space | Establishing your connections to you

Module 1: Claim your space

Module 2: Establishing a safe and powerful space

Module 3 - Gain access to YOURSELF

Module 4 - Gain access to BEYOND yourself

Month 2 - Soul spring cleaning

Module 5: Releasing the past

Module 6: Soul Deep Dive

Module 7: Bringing truth, joy and love into your space

Month 3 - Waking up to the possibilities!

Module 8: Mediumship 101: workshop

Module 9: Abundance & Prosperity 101: workshop

Module 10: Soul Dream Creation 101: workshop

Module 11: Life manifestation 101: workshop


Also includes:

  • 1- 50 minute 1:1 coaching session per month

  • Access to the private student FB group.  A place where you can ask questions, engage with other course participants - past and present.

  • Weekly course coaching call.  

  • Audio meditation and lecture files each week to support your coursework

  • A workbook with course content and exercises for you to engage with

  • Access to me in email during the program for questions, guidance and support


Soul Journey Bootcamp

A training course that will give access to the tools  to awaken your soul to what is possible for your life!

3-month porogram

Wake up your SOUL and ignite your LIFE!

This course will bring you closer to your Divine purpose.  Open you up to what is possible in your life.  Open your eyes to help you WAKE UP!  



This program is designed to help you engage with spirit to clear, release and empower yourself.  Truly evolving your life to a space where you can accomplish anything you wish.  We all have access to the tools in spirit. Where you desire to increase your connection, enhance your spiritual talents or take on the adventure of becoming a spiritual practitioner,  this course will bring you VALUABLE tools!



Designed to help you release the conversations, people and experiences that have distracted you with negativity and pain.  The soul journey work will create a space where you can release and move forward in joy without engaging in darkness.



Over the more than 25 years of work I have helped individuals release their past pains, blocks, attachments and chords.  The tools that I have developed in the soul journey work has been pulled together from the experiences of decades of work with thousands of clients.



Open your life to what the Divine Creator had planned for you!  Access your intuition and spirit to bring them into your space as your allied force.  In short as your CHEER TEAM! Those who will help you each day as you navigate a world that may seem to be set to stop or delay you each step.  

Program delivery

- 1 - 50 minute 1:1 session each month

- 1 - 30-minute session to evaluate, validate and assist with connection

- 2 weekly lectures - video & audio lectures you can access at your convenience and as often as needed

- 1 - 30-minute session in the final week for final messages and assistance

- Weekly conference calls

- Participation in 1 WebCircle each month

- Personalized prayer/meditation 


- Reading assignments to support the program

- Journaling activities

- Meditation activities

- Access to a private Facebook group 

- Email support 


Connect to Spirit

Heal | Establish & Strengthen Your Connection | Get Clear Direction

8 week program

I have a deep passion to bridge those who are looking for support in the pain of loss.  In my Connect to Heal program, participants are taken through the steps I use to connect to Spirit to reach loved ones to help with the healing process.  Each week we will work together to:


build your connection

raise you awareness

create your conversation with those you love

open your heart to the Divine Love

bring love and forgiveness in your spiritual space

This is a full engagement program that includes 1:1 sessions with me along with conference calls and participation in some of the monthly WebCircles.  There is a lot of content to support you since this is a big deal to get support with.  The program is on-going.  You can start once you register.   When registration is completed you will receive your welcome confirmation and an invitation to schedule your first session to get started.   

Disclaimer:  Healing from loss can be difficult.  If you are experience extreme depression due to your loss you may need to seek the assistance of a mental health practitioner.  My workshops and programs are for support purposes only and should not be substituted for medical or mental health evaluations.