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Hello to you!

I'm Angel and I want to help take your life

What is woo:

the way a person is when they uncritically believe unsubstantiated or unfounded ideas 

~ urban dictionary

What is WOW?

a sensational success.

~ websters dictionary


It's not just about living ordinarily...

it's about living extraordinarily!

I know where you are...


  • Searching and digging for clients can be exhausting

  • Presenting at events, tradeshows and fairs drain funds, energy and time

  • It's not just about the money, it's about the clients and the work

  • It's difficult to maintain consistent clients and income over time

  • All the tricks and tools of modern business can be too complicated and overwhelming

  • You are the soul solution for others but are stuck in what there is to do for you

  • It is time for you to take a stand to take your business to the next level!


Why is pursuing the work you have such passion for so hard?