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Your Joyous & Prosperous Life Starts with Connecting to Your Soul Purpose

Transform your life!


Spiritual Awakening & Transformation

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With Dr. Angel Thacker

Join my tribe and find out what I'm up to!  I will send you a gift.  My 21-day Joy Trip is a challenge to help raise your joy vibration and create joy in your life every day! 

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My passion is YOU!


Let me help you create a reality where your life flows in abundance and joy with ease!  Creating your dream life today!

Ignite your soul!

Tap into your Soul.  Connect to what gives you joy.  Release your biases and negative beliefs.  Accept your worthiness.

Activate Your Purpose!

Turn your life's work into your life's dreams!  Access and service your ideal client.  Free your time so you can live your life.  Create Joyous Prosperity!     


I'm Dr. Angel Thacker, The Joyous Life Coach™

I am driven by a passion to help people create joy and purpose in their lives.  I feel we all deserve to be our true best possible us in JOY, EMPOWERED, and in a PURPOSEFUL space where we are doing what makes our soul sing!

Living in Joy

Times have challenged our communities and spread the energies of frustration, anger, and despair. I believe in the power of joy and how this energy and state of being can change the trajectory of your path.  While in this state we can make magic happen.  Are you ready to become a manifestation magician through the power of joy?

What makes me different?


Like so many of you, I have been through some tough times!


I have lost everything

Been left by my husband to raise my daughter alone from nothing

Had to live on public assistance

Had to recover from sexual and physical abuse


Life can be hard, I know!  I experienced my own personal struggles and tragedies, suffering the personal loss of loved ones - losing my beloved mother, 3 brothers, a niece, cousins, grandparents, dear friends and so many more.  As we entered the new century I found myself facing my own mortality when I was confronted with tumors in my ovaries which halted my momentum in life.  And just as I felt I could handle no more, the 2008 financial crisis hit and both my husband and I found ourselves without work.  I found it difficult to move forward in my faith and process when I was struggling with my own personal losses and struggles.  I share this with you to provide a clear message that I understand.  I connect to my clients with humble understanding and a true desire to aid them in their goals to get answers that will help them move past whatever it is that is challenging them in this time in their lives. 


I have been through some stuff that has made me question if there is a place for me in the world of happiness and abundant prosperity.  There were times I wondered if I was destined to just get by and pray I had enough to retire without having to take on 2 - 3 part-time jobs in my retirement to make ends meet - when that time comes!

I am committed to your life transformation!

How many times have you had to re-create your life?

One of the hardest things to do is to re-create yourself. 


I have had to re-create my life multiple times.  Shifting and changing my life as the world change around me and circumstances in my personal life dictated that change.  I have climbed out of holes to stand back on the ground so many times I began to feel it was the normal experience that everyone went through!  I have had 4 points of transformation in my life:


1.  My first husband left me to raise my toddler alone with no assets or resources;

2.  I lost my job as a single parent and had to re-educate and rebuild my life once again from nothing

3.  When the nation suffered a major market reset, my husband and I both lost our jobs and I found myself having to climb back out of the darkness to re-establish and re-create myself once again

4.  The final time to date and when I decided I could no longer do what the "company" needed of me.  Rather, I needed to take care of my family and personal needs to be fulfilled in my life's purpose! And this is where you and I are meeting today.


There are so many coaches and motivational speakers out there and most of them are absolutely amazing!  I don't desire to discount what they have to bring to you.  What I desire to bring to you is a solution that you can connect to that will get you what you both want and desire!

Coaching Programs

My dear beautiful soul!  If you ask most highly successful people how they were able to make the big movements that made the difference for them by working with a coach.  Working with a coach can help you gain focus, create a clear path, and achieve your goals faster and with greater reward.  We can often carry blocks from as far back as childhood that gives us our stories that we reflect in our actions.  We spend so much time and money on the things we think we want or need and wind up looking at our lives wishing we were in a different place... a better place.  Sometimes all you need is a coach.  A partner to help you lift the bar, rise up, and grab those things in your daydreams and wishes.  I believe we can each have all that we wish for.  And I believe in you!  As your coach I will help you climb to those dreams with tools, my services and my support.  I have many real tools and bring expert skills and training to the table.  All you need to bring is a desire to transform! 

Purposeful Life

Three Session Program

Coaching is focused on getting to the source of who you are and what you desire deep in your soul.  Discovery, goal setting, exploration, accountability, and celebration

VIP Coaching

Three Month Plan

Customized coaching that adjusts and transforms as you progress and evolve. You are a VIP and I am your personal coach helping you to rise and step into all your life goals

Elite Coaching

One Year Plan

The work is deeper and access to my support is more frequent.  If you are on the mission of a lifetime, wishing to shift your life, and are serious about making the changes you need for success...this is for you!


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Crystal Ball

Hello beautiful soul!  I can help you reach your life's potential, solve problems, answer questions, and more!  Know what you need?  

Below is my list of services.  When you see what best fills your needs, the "book through" column will guide you on where to book the service or progam.  

Book through
Intuitive Practitioner Training
Practitioner Training

Hone your skills, begin and scale your business as an intuitive practitioner.

Podcasting Training
Business Coaching

Raise your broadcasting skills and scale your podcast!

Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Connect to your loved ones, guides and ascended masters for messages, inforamtion and support.  

Angel Oracle Reader
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Reading using one of the many angel oracle cards and tools to connect to the angelic realm

Angel Healer
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Connecting to the angelic realm for healing.  

Energy Healer
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Connection to your energy centers, the Divine source and the many frequencies we have to support healing and balancing.

Sacred Herbalist
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Using sacred herbs to heal and support your journey.  

Essential Oil Practitioner & Healer
Essential Oil Essentials

Working with essential oils to lift your vibration, heal and release.

Holistic Practitioner
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Clean and clear solutions to help bring your physical body into balance to support your journey

Crystal Practitioner & Healer
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Using the crystals of the earth for healing and creation

Chakra Clearing & Balancing
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Fosued work to reveal any concerns, release, clear and activate your chakras to accelerate your journey

Sensuality & Dance Arts Coach
Ceramonial Services

Connect to your sensuality and Divine light through the power of ancient dance.  

Weddings & Invocations
Ceremonial Services

Beautiful and lifting ceramonies to help you achieve, release and to bond you to your life's true love.

Soul Star Activation
Soul Star Activation

Activate your life soul purpose

Affirmation Coach
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Focus on litting your mindset as you work through a project or any important life goal

Manifestation Coach
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Access the power of the Divine source to manifest!

Meditation & Mindfulness Coach
Intuitive & Shamanic Services

Meditation and hypnosis to release and drop what is holding you back

Author, Publisher & Author Mentor
Business Coaching

Take your dream to the world through the pages of your book

Summit & Event Production
Business Coaching

Attend, particiate and learn to take your message to the stage

Goal Setting Coach
Life Coaching

Focus on mapping out the goals to bring your dreams to life

Course Creator & Facilitator

Enjoy a course a workshop to help you expand and accelerate your goals

5D Transformation & Ascension
Transformation & Ascension

Transform you life and evolve through the 5D journey

Life Purpose Coach
Life Coaching

Real work and activities to find your life purpose

Speaker & Speaker Mentor
Business Coaching

Hone your message and build your presentation as a speaker. 

Practitioner Mentor
Practitioner Training

Take your practitioner business to 6 & 7 figures

Business Coach & Strategist
Business Coaching

Build and scale your soul centered business

Life Coach
Life Coaching

Activate your life and acheive your dreams

Not sure how to get started?

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“Angel truly is an Intuitive Angel.  She was able to see situations in my life over the phone and radio from across the country.  She saw that I tend to reach for relationships from people that aren’t available and become angry that they aren’t.  I had clearing and past life sessions with her to release the issues and blocks that kept me from finding the right person.  Now I am more open and have manifested a fabulous relationship.  I have NEVER been is such a wonderful relationship. 

Thank you, Angel!"



"Angel was spot on and made my life feel so much less heavy. Thank you for your presence.  You really need to take time to work with Angel!"



"Angel is right on target.  Gave me the focus and saw the job opportunities coming to me.  And pointed me to the right one. Amazing!"




Connie Steinman

Author, Teacher, Writer, Actor

Thanks to Angel Thacker, Joyous Life Coach!

Angel empowers you as a writer to follow your dream from writing a book to getting it published! Angel brings out the best within yourself to live your best life! Angel is inciteful and inspiring on your journey. Her coaching enables you to write your story and get it on paper. Angel communicates with you so that you can write and freely express your ideas in your book. Angel’s gift is supporting you in breaking down barriers to freely create and expand your message and speak and write with confidence. Angel begins with you reading what you have written and telling her about your book.

Angel has you transfer all of your notes, journals, files, etc. into one document.

She begins with you organizing your work into chapters and sequencing sections of your writing within the chapters from beginning, middle, and end. The table of contents is developed by numbering and/or tilting the chapters.

The author begins with chapter 1 and she coaches you in expanding it. Angel leads you to visualize your scenes and how you feel about the characters. Angel gives short assignments like journaling to break through writer’s block and personal issues. I learned to trust the process.


Angel guides the author to expand on the scenes that move the story forward and what information connects with the audience. Angel makes sure your ideas are clear and meaningful for your audience. Angel encourages you to dig deep by giving details, explaining a situation, and writing how you feel feeds a powerful story. Your writing is NOT just putting the icing on a cake! You pick and choose what is important and give it depth. Angel develops your speaker persona throughout your book and leads you through some public speaking exercises to promote your book. She also suggests publishing services for your books like editors, distributors, publishing companies, and various resources/venues.


Angel believes in you! I am happy with my book! If you connect with Angel, you will finish and publish your book! Thank you, Angel!


Connie Steinman

Behind the Wall

Approaching events, register today

Blessing & Prayer Invocation

Supporting the community in our focus of returning to a joyous and calm as we exit the pandemic



Register for these free events!  Created to help support you through your transition to returning from the pandemic. 

Healing arts session

A groups session of play, art and connecting for healing, release and support.



Ignite Your Life Series

This is my very first self produced series of lectures and mediation.  I pulled them out, dusted them off, and have them here for you at reduced pricing. 

These offerings seem to fit the times we are in. 

Enjoy the support of flashback Angel!