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Join me for me podcast!

Confetti Girl

Connect with Angel to create your best joyous life!  She combines her many gifts, talents, and experiences, to help you...

Ignite Your Soul!

Tap into your Soul

Connect to what gives you joy

Release your biases and negative beliefs

Accept your worthiness

Activate Your Purpose!

Turn your life's work into your life's dreams!

Access and service your ideal client 

Free your time so you can live your life

Create Joyous Prosperity!     

Your Soul!


Connecting deep to our center, we can find the wonders that are the reasons for our existence.  We can also find the reasons we're stopped, blocked or just not focused on what we love to do.  What we've been put here to do. 


Your Purpose!

We all want to do what we love to to, get paid to do it.. and do that thing all the time!  I truly believe you can have anything you wish for...You Just need to know the secrets to how to get into the FLOW in your manifestation conversation!  And, by the way...

It may be an art...But its not a secret!

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The business of doing business can be the hardest part when starting or growing a soul-centered business.  Angel brings learning, knowledge, and coaching to help you turn you dream into your purposeful dream business! 

Businesswoman with Mask

Business Essentials

Bringing experts together to share knowledge, learning and skills with the entreprenuer launching or growing a heart-centered our holistic business.

Conferences & Summits

Destination Transformation
When you know who are, what you love to do and shift your JOY conversation.
You can transform your life into joyous prosperity & abundance.

Do you remember when you used to dream without limits?  

When you could finish the sentence...

"When I grow up I'm going to be..."

with the most remarkable dreams.

Daydreaming on Bed

When fantasy and imagination were what you did for a living!


It was simple right?

You just said what you wanted or what your future was going to be it was so.  No one could argue with you or make you wrong! 


Astronaut, Fireman, Princess or Unicorn...

You were right in your choices and in a state of bliss for making those choices.

It was simple.


So what happens when we grow up?

Why do we replace

openness, certainty, imagination, hope, and no boundaries dreaming


fear, doubt, uncertainty, and "reality"?

Well, we go about our days, weeks, and years taking on society's programming and conditioning of "survival". 


Living in a world where we live each day just surviving.  The longer we lived in the state of survival we lose those beliefs from childhood and become more attached to the beliefs of survival.

I don't know about you, I don't want to survive. 


I want to live!

So what the heck is "living"?

Living is defined as;

having an income sufficient to live on or the means of earning it.

hmm... that doesn't sound like much fun.

I have a definition for what I call "living".  Living is...

Experiencing each moment of your life in true joy and happiness filled with abundant passion, prosperity, love, health, and contentment.


I'd like to help you shift from survival to living!


I am passionate about helping people find their way to true life joy and abundance!

Finding their way to LIVING!

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“Angel truly is an Intuitive Angel.  She was able to see situations in my life over the phone and radio from across the country.  She saw that I tend to reach for relationships from people that aren’t available and become angry that they aren’t.  I had clearing and past life sessions with her to release the issues and blocks that kept me from finding the right person.  Now I am more open and have manifested a fabulous relationship.  I have NEVER been is such a wonderful relationship. 

Thank you, Angel!"



"Angel was spot on and made my life feel so much less heavy. Thank you for your presence.  You really need to take time to work with Angel!"



"Angel is right on target.  Gave me the focus and saw the job opportunities coming to me.  And pointed me to the right one. Amazing!"




Connie Steinman

Author, Teacher, Writer, Actor

Thanks to Angel Thacker, Joyous Life Coach!

Angel empowers you as a writer to follow your dream from writing a book to getting it published! Angel brings out the best within yourself to live your best life! Angel is inciteful and inspiring on your journey. Her coaching enables you to write your story and get it on paper. Angel communicates with you so that you can write and freely express your ideas in your book. Angel’s gift is supporting you in breaking down barriers to freely create and expand your message and speak and write with confidence. Angel begins with you reading what you have written and telling her about your book.

Angel has you transfer all of your notes, journals, files, etc. into one document.

She begins with you organizing your work into chapters and sequencing sections of your writing within the chapters from beginning, middle, and end. The table of contents is developed by numbering and/or tilting the chapters.

The author begins with chapter 1 and she coaches you in expanding it. Angel leads you to visualize your scenes and how you feel about the characters. Angel gives short assignments like journaling to break through writer’s block and personal issues. I learned to trust the process.


Angel guides the author to expand on the scenes that move the story forward and what information connects with the audience. Angel makes sure your ideas are clear and meaningful for your audience. Angel encourages you to dig deep by giving details, explaining a situation, and writing how you feel feeds a powerful story. Your writing is NOT just putting the icing on a cake! You pick and choose what is important and give it depth. Angel develops your speaker persona throughout your book and leads you through some public speaking exercises to promote your book. She also suggests publishing services for your books like editors, distributors, publishing companies, and various resources/venues.


Angel believes in you! I am happy with my book! If you connect with Angel, you will finish and publish your book! Thank you, Angel!


Connie Steinman

Behind the Wall

Ignite Your Life Series

This is my very first self produced series of lectures and mediation.  I pulled them out, dusted them off, and have them here for you at reduced pricing. 

These offerings seem to fit the times we are in. 

Enjoy the support of flashback Angel!